Initial consultation

The first legal consultation is free, if this has been expressly agreed upon in advance.

The legal fee is agreed upon based on the specifics of the case and individual needs of the client.

There are different types of how the legal fee is calculated, hourly rate being the most common one. Other methods include the application of GCLF (General Criteria for Lawyers’ Fees – Allgemeine Honorar-Kriterien – AHK) or tariffs as listed in ALLT (Austrian Law on Legal Tariffs – Rechtsanwaltstarifgesetz – RATG).

The outmost transparency in billing matters is our goal. We also cooperate with all legal expenses insurances. Should the insurance company cover your case, all expenses are settled with the insurance company directly.

Should the client explicitly choose no specific fee calculation method, we are free to choose from the above-mentioned options.