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What we offer

  • Expert, tailored legal advice – interdisciplinary, fast and result-oriented
  • Analysis and presentation of case-related groundwork for your decision making in all legal matters
  • Complex solutions and high level of creativity
  • Fair and case-related billing
  • Cooperation with partner law firms across Europe, as well as Russia and other CIS countries
  • Consideration of your economic and personal situation
  • Absolute discretion and confidentiality
  • Compliance with ethical principles

Areas of practice

Our success is the satisfaction of our clients, which is based on highest commitment to our work and our professional understanding!

Administrative Criminal Law

Corporate Law

Criminal Law

Divorce Law & Maintenance Law

Drafting & Registration of Last Wills, Patient Decrees and Living Wills

Employment Law

Immigration & Residency Law


Inheritance Law & Family Law

Law of Descent & Paternity Law

Medical Errors & Malpractice Law

Public Services Law & Disciplinary Law

Real Estate Law

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